All Costco Locations in Japan

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Costco is an membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise, from electronics and clothing to fresh produce and auto care, plus specialty departments and member services including optical, pharmacy, photo center, travel, tire center, and gas station. It is the second largest retailer in the US and the third largest in the world. Costco focuses on selling bulk-packaged brand name products at low prices. It carries its own brand Kirkland Signature. Costco has a favorable return policy that most items can be returned with a full refund. Today, Costco has 672 warehouses worldwide including 463 locations in the US.


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Makuhari in Chiba City Chiba City 1-4 Toyosuna, 432134111
Costco - Chiba New Town in City City 3-1186-4 Izumino Inzai


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Hisayama in Kasuya-Gun Kasuya-Gun 1152-1 Takayanagi Yamada 929319092
Costco - Kitakyushu in Kyushu-City Kyushu-City 1-2-12 Honjo Gakken-Dai


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Hiroshima in Hiroshima-Shi Hiroshima-Shi 2-514 Minami Kaniya


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Hitachinaka Hitachinaka 41-2 Shinko-cho


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Sapporo in Sapporo City Sapporo City 9-3-1 Utsukushigaoka Ichijyou 8111887555


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Amagasaki in Amagasaki City Amagasaki City 3-13-55 Tsugiya 664961600
Costco - Kobe in Kobe-City Kobe-City 868-26 Aza-Kodukayama


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Kanazawa in Kanagawa Kanagawa 2-6 Sachiura Kanazawa-ku 1457916001
Costco - Kawasaki in Kawasaki City Kawasaki City 3-1-4 Ikegamishin-Machi 8144270114
Costco - Zama in Zama City Zama City 1-13-3 Higashihara 462982900


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Yawata in Yawata City, Kyoto Yawata City, Kyoto 5 Kinmeidai 759713700


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Izumi Izumi Ayumino - 4


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Iruma in Iruma City Iruma City 3169-2 Miyadera 8142935220
Costco - Shin Misato in Misato City Misato City 3-1-2 Lala City 8148950080


Name City Address Phone
Costco - Tamasakai in Machida City Machida City 3-6-1 Oyamagaoka 427986001
Costco - Maebashi in Maebashi City, Gunma Maebashi City, Gunma 137-2 Tsurukoji-machi