All Walmart Locations in China

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Walmart is an American multinational retailer of large discount department stores and supercenters. The first Walmart store was opened by Sam Walton in July 1962. Walmart is the world's largest retailer, with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries under 71 different banners. It employs 2.2 million associates around the world — 1.3 million in the US. Walmart stores sell general merchandise from electronics to clothing while supercenters carry more grocery items. Many of the stores also have garden center, pharmacy, tire & Lube Express, optical center, one-hour photo processing lab, portrait studio, bank branch, cell phone store, hair and nail salon, video rental, and fast food outlet.


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Wuhu Zhongshan Road North Branch Wuhu The Crossway Of Zhongshan Luand Yinghu Lu, (0553)5991608, 5991618


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Beijing Jianguo Road Branch Beijing Basement One & Basement Two,block B, Beijing Wanda Plaza,93 Jianguo Road,chaoyang District 010-59603566, 59603516
Wal-mart Supercenter Beijing Xunwumen Branch Beijing Basement One,the Ground Floor,top Real Garden Plaza,xuanwai Street,xuanwu District 010-63168905, 63168906
Wal-mart Supercenter Beijing Zhichun Road Branch Beijing Basement One, Ground Floorand First Floor, 4th Mansion,48 A Zhichun Road,haidian District (010)58733666, 800-9901122(Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Chongqing Jiulong Square Branch Chongqing 2 Xijiao Third Street,yangjiaping, Jiulongpo District 023-68789400, 68789411, 800-8079400(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Chongqing Nanping Branch Chongqing Chongqing Yingxiang Building,60 Nanping Road West,nanan District, 023-62957518, 62957550
Wal-mart Supercenter Chongqing Ranjiaba Branch Chongqing Longhu Zidu Plaza,111 Longshan Avenue,yubei District 023-67792277, 67792276


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Fuzhou Grand Lijia Branch Fuzhou B Area, Grand Lijia City, 169 Wuyiroad Central, Taijiang District (0591)83348696, 800-8581138(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Fuzhou Great Wall Branch Fuzhou 615 Liuyi Road North,gulou District (0591)83367615, 800-8581160(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Fuzhou Gushan Branch Fuzhou Intersection Between Fuma Roadand Zhaoxian Roadjinan District (0591)88007999 88007888 800-8581057(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Jinjiang Sm Branch Jinjiang Sm International Plaza,fupu Development Zone (0595)88159008 800-8585806 (Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Quanzhou Jiangbin Road North Branch Quanzhou Jiaxinmao Square, Jiangbin Roadnorth, Licheng District, Quanzhou,fujian Province (0595)22131118, 22131116
Wal-mart Supercenter Xiamen Sm Branch Xiamen Sm Mall, Crossroad West Betweenfuxia Road And Xianyue Road (0592)5569503, 5511682, 800-8582639
Wal-mart Supercenter Xiamen Wtc Branch Xiamen World Trade Center, 878-888xiahe Road (0592)5827028, 5827029, 5827030
Wal-mart Supercenter Zhangzhou Danxia Road Branch in Zhanghzou Zhanghzou 2-3/f, Jiaxinmao Square,122 -124 Danxia Road,xiangcheng District (0596)2995777 2995877, 800-8586998 (Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Dongguan Changan Plaza Branch Dongguan Basement One, Ground Floor,first Floor, Second Floor,changan Pearl Plaza,changqing Street, Changan Town 0769-81668500/, 81668555, 800-830-2900 (Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Dongguan Donghu Branch Dongguan 1/f, Donghu Garden, Dongzongavenue, Chengqu (0769)2343112, 2343109
Wal-mart Supercenter Foshan Guicheng Branch Foshan Basement One, 103 Nanhai Avenue Sou 0757-81212100, 81212199, 800-9991198(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Maoming Culture Square Branch in Mao Ming Mao Ming 8 Xiyue Road Middle, Maoming, Guang (0668)2793000
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Shantou South City Branch Shantou 1f, Basement, South City Shoppingmall, Changping Road (0754)8920950, 8920951
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Buji Dafen Branch Shenzhen 1-3/f, Longji Building, Nearshenhui Highway, Dafen Village,buji Town,shenzhen Municipality,longgang District (0755) 84739200, 800-8305785 (Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Fuxing Branch Shenzhen 1-2/f, D, E, F Blocks,fuming Building,fuxing Road,futian District (0755)83752884, 83752880
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Honey Lake Branch Shenzhen Old Shenzhen Sams Clubxiangmei Road Northfutian District 0755-83931080, 0755-83931250
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Lakeview Branch Shenzhen 1-3/f, Lakeview Garden,honghu Road,luohu District (0755) 25629815
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Oct Branch Shenzhen Podium, Zhonglu Square,overseas Chineses Town,nanshan District (0755) 26941190, 26941191
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Shekou Branch Shenzhen Sihai Gas Station Right,shekou Industry Road (0755) 26816711, 26816712
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Xixiang Qianjin Road Branch Shenzhen Basement One & 1st To 3rd Floor,anhua Industrial Zone, Qianjin Road,subdivision 35,baoan District (0755) 27670561, 27670562, 800-8303034 (Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Yuanling Branch Shenzhen 1-3/f Podium,baihua Garden Building,shangbu Road, Futian District (0755) 83270660, 83270670, 800-8305061(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenzhen Zhongshan Branch Shenzhen Podium 1-3/f,zhongshan Garden Building,12 Fenghuang Road,luohu District (0755) 82140686, 82305080, 800-8303538 (Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Nanning Chaoyang Road Branch Nanning Wanda Shopping Plaza, 18 Qingyunstreet, Xingning District (0771)2639088, 800-8798828(Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Guiyang People Square Branch Guiyang Underground Shopping Plaza,zunyi Road (0851)5877969, 5878009
Wal-mart Supercenter Guiyang Shachong Road Branch Guiyang Ground Floor, Guitie Xinyuan,shachong Road (0851)5765808, 800-8970055 (Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Langfang Chaoyang Branch Langfang South Of Aimin Avenue East, West Of Heping Road, Langfang, Hebei Province (0316)5219165


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Daqing Weiwu Road Branch Daqing 2-3/f, Yiteng Commercial Plaza, Jin (0459)8992888, 8992899
Wal-mart Supercenter Harbin Xianfeng Road Branch Harbin 168 Xianfeng Road,daowai Dirstrict (0451)82298498, 82298499, 800-8985737(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Harbin Youyi Road Branch Harbin Floor 2-4, Wanda Commercial Plaza,youyi Road, Daoli District (0451)85982000
Wal-mart Supercenter Harbin Zhongshan Road Branch Harbin 254 Zhongshan Road,nangang District (0451)82570316, 82570315
Wal-mart Supercenter Qiqihar Jiefangmen Branch Qiqihar 18 Qingzhen Road, Jianhua District (0452)6182066, 6182055


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Wuhan Xudong Street Branch Wuhan 18 Xudong Street,hongshan District, (027)68898651 68898652 68898653
Wal-mart Supercenter Wuhan Zhongshan Road Branch Wuhan 176 Minsheng Road,jianghan Dirstrict (027)82959899, 800-8809896 (Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Xiangfan Changhong Road Branch Xiangfan 2-3/f, Minfa Commercial Plaza,changhong Road,fancheng District,xiangfan, Hubei Province (0710)3225650


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Changsha Huangxing Road South Branch Changsha 2-3/f,wanda Shopping Mall,443 Huangxing Road South (0731)4884088, 4884099
Wal-mart Supercenter Changsha Yuhuating Branch Changsha 2-3f, Szitic Shopping Center,421 Shaoshan Road Central (0731)5304000, 5304036, 800-8786080(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Loudi Chunyuan Branch Loudi Chunyuan Commercial Walking Street,loudi, Hunan Province (0738)8273265, 8008789009(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Yueyang Baling Road Central Branch Yueyang Taihe Commercial Plaza,baling Zhong Road (0730)8290500


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Nanjing Xinjiekou Branch Nanjing 88 Hongwu Road,baixia District (025)84782888
Wal-mart Supercenter Wuxi Hongxing Road Branch Wuxi 1-3/f, 1st Room, Section D,sunshine Times Square Betweenhongxing Road And Jianzhu Road 0510-85451718 85453355 85453366 800-85456678(Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Nanchang Bayi Square Branch Nanchang Wanda Shopping Mall,bayi Square North (0791)6216215, 800-6791208(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Nanchang Jiefang Road West Branch Nanchang Jiefang Road West,qingyunpu District (0791)8230084, 8230085, 8008691066(Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Changchun Chongqing Road Branch Changchun 1268 Chongqing Road,chaoyang District (0431)88403841
Wal-mart Supercenter Changchun Qianjin Square Branch Changchun Qianjin Square, Qianjin Street,chaoyang District (0431)85162331, 85162332, 85162333
Wal-mart Supercenter Changchun Yinzuo Branch Changchun 58 Changjiang Road,kuancheng District (0431)82750808, 82750818


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Dalian Huanan Branch Dalian 6 China Road West,ganjingzi District (0411)86530601, 86530643
Wal-mart Supercenter Dalian Olympic Square Branch Dalian 2 Olympic Square,xigang District (0411)3771291, 3771292, 800-8909963(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Dalian Xintiandi Plaza Branch Dalian 99d Xian West,shahekou District (0411)84546001, 800-8909062(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenyang Pengli Branch Shenyang 8 Xiaodong Road,dadong District (024)24343336
Wal-mart Supercenter Shenyang Taiyuan Street Branch Shenyang 9 Zhonghua Road,heping District (024)31505698, 31505699


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Jinan Quancheng Road Branch Jinan Wanda Shopping Mall,quancheng Road, Lixia District (0531)6137566, 6137577, 800-8606667(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Qingdao Taidong Branch Qingdao Wanda Shopping Mall, 63taidong Three Road,shibei District (0532)3675568, 3675600, 800-8600861(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Weifang Dongfeng Street East Branch Weifang Weifang Szitic Shopping Center,the North Of Dongfeng Street Eastand East Of Xinhua Road,gaoxin Zone (0536)2258258, 2258288
Wal-mart Supercenter Yantai Haigang Road Branch Yantai 99 Nan Avenue,zhifu District (0535)2129678


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Shanghai Nanpu Bridge Branch Shanghai Ground Floor And The First Floor,youyou Wal-mart Supercenterbuilding,252-262 Linyi Road North,pudong (021)50945881, 800-988-0298(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Shanghai Wujiaochang Branch Shanghai 125 Songhu Road,yangpu District 021-65115133, 65115099


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Datong Yongtai Branch Datong Basement 1/f, Yongtai Hangkong Squa (0352 )5328000, 5328008
Wal-mart Supercenter Taiyuan Changfeng Street Branch Taiyuan B1 Floor, Hexin Shopping Plaza,changfeng Street (0351)7526066 7526068, 800-8061288 (Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Chengdu Jiaoda Road Branch Chengdu 183 Jiaoda Road,jinniu District (028)87606677 87627121
Wal-mart Supercenter Chengdu Sm Square Branch Chengdu 29 Second Section East,erhuan Road (028)84312323 84316588 800-8866500(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Mianyang Linyuan Road Branch Mianyang 74 Linyuan Road East, Mianyang, Sichuan Province (0816)2315066, 2316066


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Tianjin Heping Road Branch Tianjin 66 Fuan Street,heping District 022-58292955, 58292966
Wal-mart Supercenter Tianjin Xinkai Road Branch Tianjin 1-3/f, Jiahua Internationalcommercial Plaza, The North Ofhuachang Street,hedong District (022)24332599, 800-6228688(Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Kunming Daguang Branch Kunming 1-3/f, E1 & E2 Blocks, Daguancommercial Town, North Wing,wuhua District (0871)5386208, 5386626, 5385830, 5300937, 800-8898002(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Kunming International Trade Center Branch Kunming 289 Chuncheng Road,guandu District (0871)3573470, 800-3573470(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Kunming Jida Branch Kunming 188 Huancheng Road East (0871)3397405, 800-8898383(Free)
Wal-mart Supercenter Yuxi Dongfeng Square Branch Yuxi The Intersection Betweenhongda Avenue Anddongfeng Road Middle (0877)2662718 2662820 800-8892718(Free)


Name City Address Phone
Wal-mart Supercenter Jiaxing Hongxing Road Branch Jiaxing Jiang Nan Mall,intersection Of Hongxing Road Andxinzhou Road,xiuzhou District (0573)2771660 2771661, 2770588
Wal-mart Supercenter Jinhua Times Plaza Branch Jinhua 108 Bayi Street North (0579)2329900 2330542 , 2329800
Wal-mart Supercenter Ningbo Siming Road Middle Branch Ningbo 999 Siming Road Middle,yinzhou District, Ningbo (0574 ) 88086900
Wal-mart Supercenter Quzhou Fangmen Branch Quzhou 18 Xianxi Street,quzhou,zhejiang Province (0570)8882666, 8882000